Meet The Team


Mitchel Deynzer

CEO & Founder

Mitchel is the visionary behind the DeroGold team. Mitchel really wants to see a world where there are no people left homeless due to climate change. Mitchel has come up with a pro-active solution to our future problems through his diligent research.

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Leo Stehlik


Leo has got a can-do attitude and a no bs approach. Leo finds pleasure in a wide range of hobbies including but not limited to motorbiking, skiing, and hiking on mountains. Leo is a humanitarian and loves giving back to the people.

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Michael Andrés Tenorio Castillo

Senior Environmental Technician

Michael is very much a family man as looking after his wife and kids is one of his top priorities. Michael cares deeply about our environment and planet. Michael is inspired and has a vision where we can save our ecosystems through community effort.

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Ivan Kolev

DevOps Engineer and Energy Specialist

Ivan has over 13 years experience in the IT sector. Ivan is very knowledgable when it comes to things like renewable energy sources. Ivan enjoys spending his free time managing a mining pool as the owner of FastPool.XyZ.

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Lee "El" Laldee

Content Strategy Manager

El is a carefree individual who enjoys making life better for his loved ones. El staunchly believes in artistic pursuits through technology. El is also very enthusiastic about sharing new experiences and learning new things.

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Mauricio Flores

Executive Brand Ambassador and Spokesman

Mauricio is a people person. Mauricio is definitely the most friendly guy you will meet. Mauricio is very passionate about reforming the ways people think about society and culture.

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