300 Second Blocks

100 Trillion Total Supply

CryptoNight Turtle

ASIC Resistant

Lite Blocks

No Premine


Year 1

We plan to have DeroGold spread to the masses through proof of work, word of mouth, online exchanges, and by giving the coins away to our friends and discord members as gifts. A premine of 0, we will be doing all giveaways thanks to generous DeroGold Association community members

Year 2

We will implement DeroGold into payment systems for major vendors as a way for people to buy their consumer goods online as well as buying in physical stores with their mobile devices

Year 3

We will have major nationstates accept DeroGold as their main currency so that all the country's/micronation's transactions are done with DEGO

Year 4 and Beyond

We plan to continue the proliferation of the DeroGold system to the rest of the world until DEGO is the most ubiquitous cryptocurrency used by everyone on Earth and other planets like Mars including any other planets that we may Terraform after that